Al Tawareg is a Medium-Low grade shisha made in Jordan with a focus on affordability and quality. It is from the makers of Romman.

Flavors of Al Tawareg TobaccoEdit

All American Whiskey


Banana Split



California Dream


Cherry Blossom

Cinnamon Roll

Citrus Lemon

Citrus Mint


Creamy Cola

Creamy Vanilla

Dark Chocolate

Double Apple

Flowery Rose

Fresh Kiwi

Fresh Mint

Fruit Cocktail

Guava Kuava

Juicy Peach

Juicy Plum

Mixed Grape

Nectarine Dream

Orange Cream

Spearmint Gum

Sweet Honey

Sweet Melon

Tangy Orange

Triple Apple

Tropical Pineapple

Wild Apricot

Wild Mango

Wild Red Raspberry

Wild Strawberry

Wild Watermelon

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