Hydro herbal

Hydro Herbal is a tobacco free herbal shisha made in the USA.

Flavors of Hydro Herbal ShishaEdit

Aurora (Pineapple)

Avalanche (Banana)

Black Widow (Blackberry)

Blue Viper (Blueberry)

Citrus Twist (Lemon/Lime)

Dr. 23 (Dr. Pepper)

Electric X (Wild Berry)

Flower Power (Sweet Rose)

Green Ice (Spearmint)

Hurricane (Mixed Fruit)

Hydrojava (Coffee)

Hydropeach (Peach)

Hydropurple (Grape)

Kali Drizzle (Grape Bubblegum)

Lex Deux (Double Apple)

Melon Dew (Melon)

Razmataz (Raspberry)

Red Lightning (Strawberry)

Red Venom (Cherry)

Sun Ray (Orange)

Tangerine Feen (Tangerine)

Tropical Storm (Mango)

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