Shisha is the most commonly used smokable in hookahs. It is a mixture of tobacco leaves soaked in flavored molasses or honey, mixed with glycerin. The molasses or honey moistens the tobacco so it won't burn and the glycerin causes the tobacco to heat more slowly and evenly.

Brands of ShishaEdit

Due to the popularity of hookahs there are more and more brands of shisha becoming available in a wide variety of flavors like fruity, minty, chocolate, coffee, spices, herbs and other flavorings.

Hookah Brands


Country of Origin


Points of Interest

Romman Jordan Medium-High Juicy, Flavorful
Al Tawareg Jordan Medium-Low Affordable
Starbuzz USA High Unique Flavours
Al Fakher UAE Medium Flavorful, Affordable
Hydro Herbal USA Herbal Tobacco Free
Social Smoke USA High Flavorful
Hookafina USA Medium
Nakhla Egypt Medium-Low Robust, Traditional
Fumari USA Medium-High Decent Flavor
HookaH-HookaH USA Medium Long Lasting


USA Medium-High Unique Flavors
Tonic USA High Unique Flavors
Evolution Tea Herbal USA Herbal Made with Tea Leaves
Tangiers USA Medium-High Strong Buzz
Inhale Jordan Medium-High Unique Flavors
Layalina Dubai Medium Variety of Strong flavors
Al Amir Middle East Medium-Low Affordable
Havana UAE Medium Distinct taste, Smooth smoke
Hypnosis USA Medium-Low Unique Flavors
Fusion Jordan Medium-High Variety of Flavors
Al Waha Jordan Medium-Low Affordable
Potion Jordan Medium affordable